Interfaith Dialogue Tuesday 31st January

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The next Interfaith Dialogue will be at the Gurdwara on Tuesday 31st January

from 7pm to 9pm.

We will dialogue in small groups on the topic:

‘What qualities do we most admire in others and why?’

Everyone is welcome regardless of faith or no faith.

Admission is free

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The next WAMCF Women’s meeting is on Monday 23rd January at St Luke’s Church, Norfolk Road,

Maidenhead. The speaker invited is Gill Curry from the KORI project. The main aim of the KORI

project is to empower, enable and educate women and girls in Kori Chiefdom Sierra Leone. More

details can be found by googling KORI project.






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The first of the WAMCF Interfaith Dialogues will take place on Tuesday 17th January at the SGI-UK Buddhist Centre, Taplow Court.

The event will run 7pm-8.30pm followed by refreshments. There is plenty of car park space at Taplow Court and directions to the SGI-UK Buddhist centre can be found by googling SGI-UK.

We will hold dialogues in small groups on the topic, ‘How much control do we have over our lives?’ The event is free and everyone is welcome, whether they are of a particular faith or no faith. For any enquiries please contact Paul Samuels on 07923 494744.




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