Visit Maidenhead Mosque this Sunday 5th February between 2pm – 4pm.

Mosques around the UK will be welcoming visitors and neighbours in the

second annual Visit My Mosque Day. The Islamic Trust Maidenhead would

like to welcome you again to attend a Mosque Open Day at Maidenhead

Mosque. This is a free event – for more details please contact 07427

109007 / 07773 230413 or by email info@maidenheadmosque.org


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The next Interfaith Dialogue will be at the Gurdwara on Tuesday 31st January

from 7pm to 9pm.

We will dialogue in small groups on the topic:

‘What qualities do we most admire in others and why?’

Everyone is welcome regardless of faith or no faith.

Admission is free

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The next WAMCF Women’s meeting is on Monday 23rd January at St Luke’s Church, Norfolk Road,

Maidenhead. The speaker invited is Gill Curry from the KORI project. The main aim of the KORI

project is to empower, enable and educate women and girls in Kori Chiefdom Sierra Leone. More

details can be found by googling KORI project.






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The first of the WAMCF Interfaith Dialogues will take place on Tuesday 17th January at the SGI-UK Buddhist Centre, Taplow Court.

The event will run 7pm-8.30pm followed by refreshments. There is plenty of car park space at Taplow Court and directions to the SGI-UK Buddhist centre can be found by googling SGI-UK.

We will hold dialogues in small groups on the topic, ‘How much control do we have over our lives?’ The event is free and everyone is welcome, whether they are of a particular faith or no faith. For any enquiries please contact Paul Samuels on 07923 494744.




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Religions for Peace UK has been preparing to set up the UK chapter of Interfaith Youth Network and our European colleagues have been most graciously helping us along the way. On the 3rd December, the culmination of a long period of preparation work reached maturity and the summit at Taplow Court organised by the European Interfaith Youth Network, and the event heralded the inception of the UK Interfaith Youth Network.

The summit included representatives from many faiths coming from UK, Italy, France, Germany, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Finland, Poland, and Israel. The wealth of knowledge and dedication of these young people will contribute greatly to the building up of the UK chapter and we are looking forward very much to the continuation of formation work in 2017.

The Buddhist participant Gabrielle Westhead, representative from Soka Gakkai International-UK (SGI-UK) –  the lay Nichiren Buddhist organisation, writes:

The UK Interfaith Youth Network is still very much in its infancy, it is already a great cause for multireligious youth from organisations in the UK, including members of Soka Gakkai-UK, Coexister, Focolare, Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha, National Hindu Student Forum UK, Pandava Sena and the Student Christian Movement UK, to unite and contribute to coexistence and peace here in the UK. It will develop its vision into the new year and invites UKreligious and interreligious youth organisations to consider joining the network.

More information on the Religions for Peace Website:  http://www.religionsforpeace.org.uk/

and RfP European Interfaith Youth Network Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/rfp.eiyn/

Please contact Gabrielle Westhead (gmwesthead@gmail.com) and/or Rupal Maru (rupalmaruc@gmail.com) for any enquiries.

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The eighth annual Interfaith Week ran from Sunday 13th November to Sunday 20 November.

The Interfaith Network for the UK leads on the Week, and its Co-Chairs, Bishop Richard Atkinson and Jatinder Singh Birdi have said:

“The 500+ events that have taken part around the UK have sent a powerful signal about people of different faiths and beliefs working together for the good of our shared society and about the importance of positive interfaith relations. The Week has also highlighted the enormous contribution that those of all faith and belief communities make – in most cases through volunteering – to their local communities.”

The Week has seen an astonishing range of events and activities: multi faith remembrance events; faith trails and open door days; conferences and seminars on topics from tackling hate crime,  to health and faith, and  different faiths’ and beliefs’ understandings of particular issues; social action initiatives from help for refugees and the homeless to river cleaning and tree planting; football matches; music, dance, poetry and arts and craft workshops; school activities; quizzes; the launch of new initiatives; cookery sessions; exchange visits between places of worship of different faiths; a youth ‘Interfaith Summit’; blog series; exhibitions; photographic and art competitions; campus programmes; dialogues on a wide range of topics; celebrations; and more.

Faith communities have taken part across the UK.  They have hosted those of other faiths, journeyed with each other to visit each other’s places of worship; discussed responses to the challenging issues of the moment; contributed to social action projects to help their local communities; and taken active roles in civic and other markings of the Week.  Locally, an increasing number of churches, gurdwaras, mandirs, mosques, synagogues, temples and viharas have thrown open their doors. People of non-religious beliefs have also been actively involved in many events.

Interfaith organisations have also played a significant role in the Week, from the UK’s 250+ local interfaith groups, through to national interfaith bodies. A special event held at the Houses of Parliament by the All Party Parliamentary Interfaith Group with the Interfaith Network for the UK  on Tuesday 15 November explored local interfaith work and the importance of local interfaith bodies with inputs from Interfaith Glasgow, Faith Network for Manchester and the Redbridge Faith Forum. There was cross-party participation in the Week at both national and local levels.  Both Communities Secretary Sajid Javid and Communities Minister Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth attended events.

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At the Desborough Theatre, Town Hall Maidenhead SL6 1RF from 6.00-9.30pm.

Guest speaker: Revd Dr John Parry Vicar, St Giles church, Bucks

There are 100 places available. Ten for each faith plus 20 for guests and Councillors etc.

It will be very helpful if you let Karnail, Paul or Michael know how many will be attending from each faith.

For security reason please have their names available if needed.

Contacts to confirm attendance numbers

  • Karnail Pannu: 0795 533 6896
  • Michael Hogg:  07811 574431
  • Paul Samuels:  07923 494 744


Arrival and Display Set up:6.00 - 6.30pm
Drinks/canape's/starters and viewing in the lobby:6.30 - 7.15pm
Speeches/Welcome:7.20 - 7.40pm
Buffet Vegetarian Dinner:8.00 - 9.30pm
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Guru Nanak Sat Sang Sabha Maidenhead, celebrating Guru Nanak Birth Anniversary for three days from Nov 18th to Nov 20th  with Akhand Path. There will be service from 10AM to 1 PM on Sunday 20th Nov, 2016 with Tea, refreshments, and Langar (Lunch) at 1PM.

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Walk starts from Rutland Road Sikh temple: 2.00pm (You can join us for lunch before the start).

On the way, stopping and reflecting briefly at:

  • All Saints Church
  • High Street Methodist Church
  • Friends House West Street
  • St Luke’s Church,
  • Maidenhead Mosque
  • and finally reaching ‘Grenfell Lodge’ Maidenhead Synagogue around 3.30pm.

Refreshments on arrival.

Interfaith Service will start at 4.00pm (Rabbi Jonathan Romain will take the service)

Refreshments and Networking afterwards

Lifts/Transport will be available.

You can join the walk from any point.

Readings/Hymns to be sent to: rabromain@aol.com please

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16 Anniversary of was held on Friday 21st October 2016 at House of Lords.

Community Awards are presented to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the welfare and integration of British Minority communities, in the area of, Education, Politics, Business Corporate, Business Entrepreneurial, Law & Professional, Arts & Culture, Social and Humanities.

The Awards were presented at a special dinner held at Cholmondeley Room and Terrace, House of Lords, Westminster London at 6.30pm, in the presence of about 120 guests.

Karnail attended with my his Tripat Pannu.

The Trophy was awarded in recognition of MBE awarded earlier.

British Community Honours Awards 2016

Yasmin Sheikh CBE took the attached photos. She is the BCHA Founder member.

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