WAMCF Ladies 40th Anniversary Wall Hanging Autumn 2021


Flames of hope in all faiths Revd. Sally Lynch‘The Lord is my shepherd’ Genevieve UsherRepresenting Russian Orthodox faith Pat Iles    Angela DeSouza
        Pat Church        Inderjit Kaur        Jita GammageThe Sunflower symbolises devotion, strength and positivity when united we all stand Yadvinda Boparai  
The Kori Project       Gill Curry  The Butterfly Heart symbolises the bright colours of diversity and love between all. Ishaari Boparai Aged 5 ½          Ruth Sheppard        Rajdeep Chahal  
‘Embrace and enhance unity and humanity, from decades of WAMCF friendship’ Nirmal Noteh and Juliet Witcher          TeghRanbir Singh Chahal and Avnoor Kaur Chahal            Ruth SheppardThe shell is the sign of the original pilgrims The Methodist youth groups all had a green and gold shell badge. Brenda Bootham  
The Joy of Movement’ Anisha Gangotra, Ramesh Gangotra, Ila Gangotra, Trishna Bharadia, Manisha Chandarana.Maidenhead Synagogue logo and the welcoming rainbow in our community hall. Ossie Anderson-Peled  Challa, the braided Jewish bread, to recall the pleasure of breaking bread together at WAMCF meetings. Ossie Anderson-Peled  Tree of Life with a multi coloured leaf denoting the Scrubs I sewed’ Dotty Lindsey
        Ruth SheppardThis depicts one of the many key messages of the Qur’an, along with the Ka’aba, the most valuable place on earth for Muslims, the house of Allah. Zobia & Robina AzamAn abstract design based on autumn leaves. Ruby Pitch    Magna Carta River Relay 800th Anniversary 2015’ Ila Gangotra , Anisha Gangotra , Trishna Bharadia