‘Anisha is a lifeline; I am so enjoying the Zumba classes. She is an inspiration, encouraging me to dance and exercise and bringing so much joy!!! Her way of reaching is superb, her instructions for dance moves are so clear and precise! Love her Love the classes’. Miryam

‘I wrote to you the last time you asked for comments in highly appreciative terms, as I recall. I don’t rescind any of that. That is to say, I find it very useful to have a regime of movement for the whole body, rather different from just going for a walk, or even doing some gym exercises. I am sure I will continue to remain more flexible generally because of my Zumba. Also, it is great to have Anisha as our tutor. She is gracious and generous, patient and encouraging, and always friendly and good-humoured. Anna

‘I attend the dance class on zoom which Anisha runs. She is a wonderful teacher – warm, engaged and delightful. She gives clear instructions which we can follow. I have an autoimmune condition and low kidney function so, although I am not housebound, my life is limited. Therefore, this suits me perfectly. I can do the class from home without having to travel. Also, Anisha accepts my limitations and kindly encourages me to do what I can. I would like to continue these classes. Tamar

‘I would like to say that I really appreciate the classes Anisha is running and have attended most of them since the programme started. They are at a good pace, are relaxed and I enjoy dancing and exercising to music. It is an added bonus to be able to access them from home, where I can fit the exercise class into my day without having to travel, particularly in the winter. We have a brief chat at the beginning and end of the class, so we get a social atmosphere as well’. Lesley

I would like to say the biggest thank you to Anisha and to everyone who is involved with organising these amazing Joy of Movement Zoom classes. It is more than just a Movement and Dance class – it has become like a way of life to me. Anisha – together with her wonderful supporting family, have become like an extended family to me. I look forward to it every week. From the moment I joined, I have felt a sense of wellbeing and renewed energy. The difficult, isolating years of lockdown and the absence of regular physical routines and actions has made this group session even more empowering and beneficial for me, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. It helps me personally and emotionally when I am going through some difficult and challenging times. However tired I feel before starting the session, I leave the Joy of Movement session ‘on a high’, feeling energised, refreshed, revitalised, with a definite skip in my step and heightened physical energy. The adrenaline and motivation is raised, and it helps me perform better, both at work and home – in the week ahead.